The Heroes of Nentir Vale

Death Cult
Here we go again...

Marla of the Great Church, an ernest young priest of the God Pelor, contacts the party to tell of her studies of various Demon and Death Cults. According to her research, witnesses saw a group of Death Cultist traveling toward Winterhaven about a year ago. She has since learned that the head of this Cult is a twisted and devious man named Kalarel. She fears that Kalarel has set up a secret cult and is performing dark rituals. Tales of recruitment offers have also spread. Marla has asked for the party to travel to Winterhaven to find if there is a Death Cult, and stomp it out if it is there. A promise of 250 silver will be given if the party can return with proof of the destruction of the cult.

Family Home

Family tales of an ancestrial home has fallen into the hands of two of the party members. Tales of new inhabitants reach them, and they plan on reclaiming the home for themselves. Upon reaching the site, they find the home in ruins. With no signs of a struggle, no signs of life, and no clues to go on…what is next?

The Koblod Keep.

The introduction game for the players. In this little game you learned who you were, who your party members were, and what you all could do…more or less. Armed with inexpereance, and a want to make a name for yourselves, you set out to recover the lost, no, stolen dragon hide from a kobold gang holed up in a forgotten keep. After some difficult battles the heroes learned of a captured Dragonborn within the keep. After rescueing the fallen Hero the party led the way to meet the young white dragon leading this small gang of kobolds.

With new friendships bonded,and a knowledge of things to come the party packs up and prepairs for the next adventure.


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